Thursday, July 9, 2009

About 1 ARC Tours


Purpose: To get more publicity for authors and get the book to a larger amount of book bloggers without an excess of ARCs being used.

More About It: Basically, I got the idea from Kay Cassidy when she mentioned that this was something Tenners did with their own books and also set it up for her “street team”. I loved the idea and decided to run with it because seriously, look around the internet and see how many new bloggers are popping up. There’s tons but ARC runs are still the same (or even cut smaller) and it’s impossible for authors to accommodate all requests, even if the blogger is worthy of receiving a copy.

Here’s How It Will Work: If in an author is interested, they will email me and we’ll discuss the options (more about this below). Once everything is okayed, they’ll either send the book to me to start the tour or, if it’s a book I’m not interested in, to the first person on the tour. I will make a post about it on the blog. Any bloggers who are interested should comment. I will make up a list in the order they reply.

For Authors: If you’re interested, please email me – onearctours[at]yahoo[dot]com with “ARC Tour” in the subject line. Please include some information about your book – title, summary, release date, etc. Also let me know if you have ARCs available.

Since it will take a while for each person to read it and then pass it on to the next, if you want most of the reviews to be up before the release date, there should be a couple of months before the release date. Even then, some reviewers still may not get the book before the release date. To speed things up, you have the option of a 2 or 3 ARC Tour which is the same thing except with 2 ARCs going around. This will split the tour into two (so if there’s 10 people signed up for the tour, 5 will get the first copy and 5 will get the second) which means that more people should read it faster, post reviews faster, etc.

**As of 11/12/09 we will be limiting each ARC to 20 reviewers due to high demands.

However, if you have a been that's already been released, we can still do a tour - the reviews will just be out after the release date.

If you want to do any interviews/guest blogs/contests/ etc you should contact the specific blogger about that. Aside from the book getting passed around, any contact between authors and bloggers is individual.

For Bloggers: If you’re interested in participating in any tours,fill out this form.We require that you've had a blog for a minimum of two months and that you make at least 2 non-meme posts per week.

Once you're signed up, you can sign up for any tours you want by leaving a comment on that post. However once you sign up, the following things are expected of you.

1.) You will read the book within one week.
2.) Mail the book out as soon as you finish reading it.
3.) Be considerate of the book. Remember that this book is going to get passed through quite a few people and then back to the author. If you break up the spine, it’ll be in pieces before the author gets it back.
4.) Review the book. Because we’ll be working with ARCs and you may get to read it months before it comes out, it is not required that you post the book as soon as you read it. But you must review the book. Preferably, it’d be good for a few people to get some early buzz going and then have everyone else review it in the month leading up to publication.

If you fail to do these things without a good excuse, you will be kicked off of all future tours .We can’t have people disrupting the tour, especially at the beginning.

I believe that’s all. If you have any questions, please email me. I’ll update this as necessary. Also, I’d really appreciate it if anyone wants to spread the word! Thanks!


kathleen duey said...

Great idea. !!!

Tynga said...

That's a great Idea! Do you mind including Canadians in those tours?

Anonymous said...


Sorry! It's US only.

Unknown said...

This is a terrific idea! I'll be emailing you shortly. :-)

Laura Hartness said...

This is great! My pile of required reading for publishers is kind of tall right now, so I can't participate for the moment. But I'm following the blog and hope to join in some day!

Laura Hartness
The Calico Critic

Unknown said...

do we have to use our own postage or is it mailed in something that re-sends?