Earn Points

1 ARC Tours is offering you a chance to win reward points! Read on to learn more!

How to earn points:

Sending a book out early (one point per day)
10 points for donating an arc (requires approval). Please Email onearctours[at]yahoo[dot]com.
15 points for donated a suggested ARC (click here for list)


5 points: remove 2 warnings
10 points: remove 1 strike

5 points to keep book two days past mail by date
15 points guaranteed spot on an upcoming tour
20 points guaranteed first or second on list of upcoming tour
25 points to get on a limited closed tour (Limit- 2 people per tour, first come first serve. All tours open to this to start with until 2 people per tour earn enough points)

When earning points you must come to this post and comment how you earned the points, your name and state, and your current point total. When you want to redeem your points please email us with the details. See points below.

Alex , MI
Allison , AZ
Alyssa , CA
Amanda , MN
Andrea , FL
Ashley , GA
Betty , TN
Brandi , NC (14)
Carina , ONT
Cate , NC
Christie , LA
Cindy , IL
Cindy , CA
Crystal , NC
Emily , NH
Enna Isilee , UT
Erica , WI
Erika Lynn , NC
Heather , WA
Hope , MI
Jacob , TX
Jamie , LA
Jazz , PA
Jen , CT
Jennifer , NC
Jessica , NC
Jessica , OH
Jessica , CA
Jordan , MO
Karen , VA
Kate , CT
Katelyn , MD
Kathy , UT
Kathy , IN
Kelly , WI (4)
Kelsey , NJ
Kerleisha , GA
Lauren , PA
Readergirls , NY
Lillie , PA
Lisette , TX
Lizzy , VT
Meggin , KY
Meaghan, VA
Melanie , FL
Melissa , TX
Melissa , IN
Monica , MD
Morgan , MN
Reagan , ME
Sabrina , TX
Sandy , TX
Shelbie , MN
Harmony , PA
Stephanie , CA
Taryn , IN
Taylor , OH
Tiger , AL
Valorie , CA


Allison said...

I mailed Absolute Value of -1 and Confessions of the Sullivan Sisters three days early.

Allison (AZ), 6

The Brain Lair (KB) said...

I donated the following ARCs:
Absolute Value of -1
Confessions of the sullivan sisters
Deadly Sister
Green Witch
This Gorgeous Game
Where the Streets Had a Name

Kathy, IN 60 pts.

Crystal said...

I mailed A Change of Heart 5 days early.

Crystal F (NC) - 5pts

Betty: Reflections with Coffee said...

Betty (TN) mailed What I Learned from Being a Cheerleader 4 days early.

brandileigh2003 said...

Mailed change of heart 4 days early

Erika Lynn said...

I mailed the Deadly Sister 2 days early

brandileigh2003 said...

Mailed Matched 4 days early