Saturday, December 19, 2009

Random Magic by Sasha Soren

When absent-minded Professor Random misplaces the main character from Alice in Wonderland, young Henry Witherspoon must book-jump to fetch Alice before chaos theory kicks in and the world vanishes.

Along the way he meets Winnie Flapjack, a wit-cracking doodle witch with nothing to her name but a magic feather and a plan. Such as it is.

Henry and Winnie brave the Dark Queen, whatwolves, pirates, Strüths, and fluttersmoths, Priscilla and Charybdis, obnoxiously cheerful vampires, Baron Samedi, a nine-dimensional cat, and one perpetually inebriated Muse to rescue Alice and save the world by tea time.

Here's the list for this tour. Let me know if there are any changes that need to be made by December 22nd. There is still time to join!

1. Jazz
2. LadyStorm
3. Jennifer
4. Choco
5. Lauren
6. Sheila
7. Shel
8. Cleverly Inked
9. Dannie

Swoon At Your Own Risk by Sydney Salter

You’d think Polly Martin would have all the answers when it comes to love—after all, her grandmother is the famous syndicated advice columnist Miss Swoon. But after a junior year full of dating disasters, Polly has sworn off boys. Now she’s just trying to survive her summer job at Wild Waves western-themed water park (under the supervision of ex #3 Sawyer Holmes) and focus on herself for once. So Polly is happy when she finds out Grandma is moving in for the summer –think of all the great advice she’ll get.

But Miss Swoon turns out to be a man-crazy sexagenarian! How can Polly stop herself from falling for Xander Cooper, the suddenly-hot skateboarder who keeps showing up at Wild Waves, when Grandma is picking up guys at the bookstore and flirting with the dishwasher repairman? And why, despite her best intentions, does Polly keep letting boys get in the way of her relationship with her best friend Jane?

No advice column in the world can prepare Polly for what happens when Jane convinces her to go on a group camping trip with three too many ex-boyfriends and the tempting Xander. Polly is forced to face her feelings and figure out if she can be in love—and still be herself.


Our next tour is for Swoon at Your Own Risk by Sydney Salter. This a 2010 release. This will be a 3-ARC tour.

Here's the tour list for Swoon At Your Own Risk! Let me know if any changes need to be made by December 22nd. There is still time to join the tour if you'd like!

1. Pat - book review
2. Collegiate Bookworm - book review
3. Hope
4. Erica
5. Sab H
6. Teenreadersgather
7. Lizzy
8. Shanyn
9. Danielle

1. Steph Su
2. Jessica
3. Ladystorm
4. Melanie - book review
5. SarahChristine
6. Jennifer
7. Samantha
8. Debbie

1. Stephanie
2. Sheila
3. Eleni
4. BookMac
5. Crystal
6. Sarah
7. The Brain Lair
8. Cleverly Inked

Juggler in the Wind - Wim Coleman and Pat Perrin

Our next tour is for Juggler in the Wind b Wim Coleman and pat Perrin.


Juggler in the Wind is written for teens and older by Wim Coleman and Pat Perrin. When a ragtag circus shows up in the town of Buchanan, Kansas, fourteen-year-old Randy Carmichael begins a quest beyond mortal imagination. Voices summon him, a godlike figure appears in his dreams, and supernatural adversaries lay in wait for him as he learns about his identity and destiny. When gods grow old to the brink of death, Randy plays a role in their wondrous rebirth. And when he falls in love with an immortal goddess, he must journey into a realm dreaded by mortals everywhere. By the end of Randy’s quest, our very world will never be the same. Juggler in the Wind, the first book of The Wand Bearer Trilogy, will be released in February 2010, to be followed by Star Road and Otherworld.


Here's the list for this tour! Let me know if any changes need to be made by December 22nd. There's still time to join this tour!

1. Jennifer
2. Kristin
3. Shel
4. McKenzie
5. Sarah

Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Rise of Renegade X by Chelsea Campbell

Sixteen-year-old Damien Locke has a plan: major in messing with people at the local supervillain university and become a professional evil genius, just like his supervillain mom. But when he discovers the shameful secret she's been hiding all these years, that the one night stand that spawned him was actually with a superhero, everything gets messed up. His father's too moral for his own good, so when he finds out Damien exists, he actually wants him to come live with him and his goody-goody superhero family. Damien gets shipped off to stay with them in their suburban hellhole, and he only has six weeks to prove he's not a hero in any way, or else he's stuck living with them for the rest of his life, or until he turns eighteen, whichever comes first.

To get out of this mess, Damien has to survive his dad's “flying lessons” that involve throwing him off the tallest building in the city—despite his nearly debilitating fear of heights—thwart the eccentric teen scientist who insists she's his sidekick, and keep his supervillain girlfriend from finding out the truth. But when Damien uncovers a dastardly plot to turn all the superheroes into mindless zombie slaves, a plan hatched by his own mom, he discovers he cares about his new family more than he thought. Now he has to choose: go back to his life of villainy and let his family become zombies, or stand up to his mom and become a real hero.

Here's the tour list for this book! Let me know if any changes need to be made by December 9th.

1. Steph Su
2. Amber
3. Sharon
4. Jennifer
5. Pat
6. Kate
7. Sandy
8. Lauren
9. Lizzy
10. Kara
11. Erica
12. Allison
13. BrittLit
14. Kristin
15. Jordan
16. Crystal
17. Khy
18. McKenzie
19. Brain Lair
20. Jazz
21. Sara
22. Emma

The Snipesville Chronicles by Annette Laing

Don’t Know Where, Don’t Know When (The Snipesville Chronicles, Book 1)

What a nightmare.

Hannah Dias, California Girl with Attitude, and Alex, her laid-back brother, have moved from exciting San Francisco to boring Snipesville, Georgia. Life doesn't improve when they meet Brandon, a dorky kid who is plotting his escape from the Deep South, and the weird Professor, who has a strange secret.

Suddenly, the kids are catapulted thousands of miles and almost seventy years to England during World War Two.

They fall into a world of stinging nettles, dragon ladies, bomb blasts, ugly underwear, stinky sandwiches, painful punishments, and non-absorbing toilet paper. They learn so much more than they could ever learn in a history class. Not that they want to learn it.

But they can't go home unless they find George Braithwaite, whoever he is, and whatever it is that he has to do with Snipesville.

A Different Day, A Different Destiny (The Snipesville Chronicles, Book 2)

When you wake up in the year 1851 on a Scottish hillside...Or in an English coal mine...Or on a plantation in the Deep South, you know you’re in for a lousy day. Nothing for Hannah and Alex Dias has been normal since they moved from San Francisco to the little town of Snipesville, Georgia. Bad enough that they and their dorky new friend Brandon became reluctant time-travellers to World War Two England. Oh, sure, they made it home safely (just) but now things are about to get worse. Much worse.

From the cotton fields of the Slave South to London's glittering Crystal Palace, the kids chase a lost piece of twenty-first century technology in the mid-nineteenth century. But finding it is only the beginning of what they must do to heal Time.

This is an ARC tour for books 1 and 2 in the series. Each person will have them both at the same time. If you're interested in being part of this tour, please leave a comment with your email, country, and if you're willing to ship to Canada by December 20th.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

No Longer Accepting Tours until After Christmas!

Hey everyone,

Due to the high amount of requests we've had recently, as well as the upcoming holidays, we will no longer be accepting tour-requests from authors until January 1st. This is to give us a chance to get caught up on all of the tours we have going, as well as post the sign-ups for tours we've already scheduled.

If you've emailed me today or before, we will still be posting your tour. All authors who haven't emailed us are asked to wait until January 1st to sign up for a tour of your book.

Sorry for any inconvience this has caused.

I hope everyone has a happy holiday!

Harmony, Hope, and Erica