Sunday, January 24, 2010

The 1 ARC Tours are now OPEN!

Thank you to everyone that took the time to leave their comments. If you haven't yet, please do! I'll be making a post in a few days talking about the comments and the changes we will be making.

The hiatus I took for the tours has gone on longer than I orginally planned for it to but the ARC Tours are now open again! That means that authors interested in doing a tour can now email me (onearctours[at]yahoo[dot]com) and we'll set it up. Also, I will be returning the emails from authors who asked about the tours during the break.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Comments and Suggestions for Improvement

I'm *almost* ready to open the tours up for new books again but before then, I wanted to open up a post for everyone's comments or suggestions if you have any. Please let me know if you have any comments on the way things are run or suggestions for improvements. Feel free to be honest and post Anonymously, if you'd like.

Authors, please feel free to chime in too!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Whisper by Phoebe Kitanidis

Joy is used to Hearing Whispers--to walking down the street and instantly knowing people's deepest, darkest desires. She uses this talent for good, to make people happy and give them what they want. But for her older sister Jessica, the family gift is a curse and she uses it to make people's lives--especially Joy's--miserable. Still, when Joy Hears a mysterious and frightening Whisper from Jessica's own mind, she knows she has to save her sister, even if it means running away with a boy she barely knows--a boy who may have a dark secret of his own.

Here's the list for this tour! Let me know if any changes need to be made by January 12th.
1. Khyrinthia
2. KayLyn
3. Harmony
4. Sarah
5. Kelsey
6. Crazy For Books
7. Jessica
8. Jessica Storm
9. Cherry
10. Erica
11. Stephanie
12. Melissa
13. Kim
14. Sarah
15. Kristen
16. Jennifer
17. Crystal
18. Andrea
19. Pat
20. Mariah
21. Misty

1. Hope
2. Lizzy
3. Sab H.
4. Steph Su
5. Lauren - rec'd 3/10, mail by 3/17
6. LadyStorm
7. Kapri
8. BrittLit
9. Cleverly Inked
10. Choco
11. Jordan
12. Gina
13. Stephanie Ward
14. Sandy
15. Jessica (Chick Lit Teens)
16. Melanie
17. Samantha LeAnne
18. Shel
19. Debbie
20. Deborah
21. Melissa Burmester