Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Freefall by Mindi Scott

How do you come back from the point of no return?

Seth McCoy was the last person to see his best friend Isaac alive, and the first to find him dead. It was just another night, just another party, just another time where Isaac drank too much and passed out on the lawn. Only this time, Isaac didn’t wake up.

Convinced that his own actions led to his friend’s death, Seth is torn between turning his life around . . . or losing himself completely.

Then he meets Rosetta: so beautiful and so different from everything and everyone he's ever known. But Rosetta has secrets of her own, and Seth will soon realize he isn’t the only one who needs saving . . .

Due out in October.


SENT 7/16 DC# 0308 1400 0000 3624 4906

1. Tiger (AL) Rec'd 7/19 SENT 7/24 DC# 03091830000035388096
2. Crystal (NC) Rec'd 7/28 Mailed 8/3 (1 day early) DC# 9102 1480 0860 0022 5979 49
3. Erika Lynn (NC) Rec'd 8/5 SENT 8/20 (e-mail error, no strikes) DC# 03100480000035403810
4. Reagan (ME)

Monday, June 28, 2010

NOcturne by L.D. Harkrader

A romantic tale of vampires and magic from award-winning author L.D. Harkrader

Flanders Lane is tired of being protected by her Uncle Anatole. After years of studying magic in the back of his bookshop, she's ready for an adventure of her own. Then one day, strange things start happening. A burglar breaks into the butcher's shop, stealing nothing, but leaving the floors sparkling clean. Soon the seamstress's apprentice vanishes on her way home, leaving behind only a shoe still laced at the top. And then worst of all, Uncle Anatole disappears. That night, a young vampire hunter named Pascoe knocks urgently on the bookshop door. Pascoe insists there is a vampire lurking in nearby Blakely Hall. Flanders looks deep into Pascoe's gorgeous eyes and finds herself agreeing to help him. As Flanders tracks the vampire, her feelings for Pascoe grow until she stumbles upon a secret that turns everything she thought she knew about Pascoe--and herself--upside down.
To sign up, leave a comment with your name, e-mail address, and state.

The Absolute Value of -1 by Steve Brezenoff

The absolute value of any number, positive or negative, is its distance from zero: |-1| = 1

Noah, Lily, and Simon have been a trio forever. But as they enter high school, their relationships shift and their world starts to fall apart. Privately, each is dealing with a family crisis—divorce, abuse, and a parent's illness. Yet as they try to escape the pain and reach out for the connections they once counted on, they slip—like soap in a shower. Noah’s got it bad for Lily, but he knows too well Lily sees only Simon. Simon is indifferent, suddenly inscrutable to his friends. All stand alone in their heartache and grief.

In his luminous YA novel, Steve Brezenoff explores the changing value of relationships as the characters realize that the distances between them are far greater than they knew.


SENT 7/7 DC# 03100480000080549518

1. Allison (AZ) Rec'd 7/12 MAILED 7/16 (3 days early) DC# 0307 1790 0004 0403 0736
2. Lisette (TX) Rec'd 7/20 Mailed ?
3. Jamie (LA) Rec'd 8/3 Mail by 8/10 NO DC. Warning
4. Morgan (MN)rec'd 8/12 Mailed 8/18 (1 day early) DC# 03100480000105890922
5. Crystal (NC) Rev'd 8/24 Sent 9/4 (4 days late) DC# 9102 1480 0860 0131 1020 03
6. Katelyn (MD) Mailed 9/17 DC # 0310 2010 0002 5253 2309
7. Readergirls (NY) Rec'd 9/20 Mail by 9/27
8. Emily (NH)

Returned to donator. Tour Retired.

This Gorgeous Game by Donna Freitas

Olivia Peters is over the moon when her literary idol, the celebrated novelist and muchadored local priest Mark D. Brendan, offers to become her personal writing mentor. But when Father Mark’s enthusiasm for Olivia’s prose develops into something more, Olivia’s emotions quickly shift from wonder to confusion to despair. Exactly what game is Father Mark playing, and how on earth can she get out of it?


This Gorgeous Game

SENT 7/26 DC# 0309 1830 0000 7147 0502

1. Valorie (CA) Rec'd 8/3, SENT 8/6 (4 days early) DC# 0310 0480 0000 2618 4650
2. Cindy (CA) Rec'd 8/7 Mailed 11/5 DC# 03092880000237301697
3. Jacob (TX)
4. Brandi (NC) Rec'd 11/10 Mailed 11/16 DC# 0309114000151764655
5. Crystal (NC)

6. Melanie (NY)


Confessions of the Sullivan Sisters by Natalie Standiford

The Sullivan sisters have a big problem. On Christmas Day their rich and imperious grandmother gathers the family and announces that she will soon die . . .and has cut the entire family out of her will. Since she is the source of almost all their income, this means they will soon be penniless.

Someone in the family has offended her deeply. If that person comes forward with a confession of her (or his) crime, submitted in writing to her lawyer by New Year's Day, she will reinstate the family in her will. Or at least consider it.

Due out in September.

SENT 7/7 DC# 03100480000080549525

1. Allison (AZ) Rec'd 7/12 MAILED 7/16 (3 days early) DC# 0307 1790 0004 0403 0729
2. Melanie (FL) Rec'd 7/21 MAILED 8/2 (5 days late) DC# 03101230000142804498
3. Kerleisha (GA) Rec'd 8/6 SENT 8/13 DC# 03100480000363562999
4. Crystal (NC) Rec'd 8/16. SENT 8/31 (1 week late, pardoned) DC# 9102 1480 0860 0109 1970 93
5. Taylor (OH) Sent 9/8 DC# 03093220000175188979
6. Hope (MI) Rec'd 9/11 Mail by 9/18 NEVER MAILED. Presumed Lost
7. Kelly (WI)
8. Melanie (NY)
9. Lizzy (VT)
10. Reagan (ME)

Where the Streets Had a Name - Randa Abdel-Fattah

Thirteen year old Hayaat is on a mission. She believes a handful of soil from her grandmother's ancestral home in Jerusalem will save her beloved Sitti Zeynab's life. The only problem is that Hayaat and her family live behind the impenetrable wall that divides the West Bank, and they're on the wrong side of check points, curfews, and the travel permit system. Plus, Hayaat's best friend Samy always manages to attract trouble. But luck is on the pair's side as they undertake the journey to Jerusalem from the Palestinian Territories when Hayaat and Samy have a curfew-free day to travel.

But while their journey may only be a few kilometers long, it could take a lifetime to complete. . . .

Humorous and heartfelt, WHERE THE STREETS HAD A NAME deals with the Israel-Palestinian conflict with sensitivity and grace and will open a window on this timely subject.


1. Carina (ONT) Rec'd 7/15 Mail by 7/22
2. Jamie (LA) Rec'd 8/14

Returned to Kathy. DC# 0310 0480 0003 1433 4781

The Deadly Sister by Eliot Schrefer

Abby Goodwin is sure her sister Maya isn't a murderer. But her parents don't agree. Her friends don't agree. And the cops definitely don't agree. Maya is a drop-out, a stoner, a girl who's obsessed with her tutor, Jefferson Andrews...until he ends up dead. Maya runs away, and leaves Abby following the trail of clues. Each piece of evidence points to Maya, but it also appears that Jefferson had secrets of his own. And enemies. Like his brother, who Abby becomes involved with...until he falls under suspicion.

Is Abby getting closer to finding the true murderer? Or is someone leading her down a twisted false path?


SENT 7/7 DC# 03100480000080549501

1. Jamie (LA) Rec'd 7/12 SENT 7/19 DC# 0310 0480 0000 2885 0119
2. Erika Lynn (NC) Rec'd 7/22 SENT 7/27 (2 days early) DC# 03100480000035382078
3. Crystal (NC) Rec'd 7/28 Mailed 8/3 (one day early) DC# 9102 1480 0860 0022 6610 46
4. Harmony (PA) Rec'd 8/9 Mail by 8/16 PRESUMED LOST
5. Melanie (NY)
6. Emma (Canada)
7. Valorie (CA)

Green Witch by Alice Hoffman

In this powerful, lovely sequel to GREEN ANGEL, Green must learn the stories of a number of "witches" and free her true soul mate from a prison as she grapples with life, love, and loss in a post-disaster world.

SENT 7/7 DC# 03100480000080549495

Green Witch
1. Monica (MD) Rec'd 7/9 MAILED 7/14 (2 days early) DC# 03093220000231763126
2. Lisette (TX) 7/28 mail by 8/4

Returned to Donator. Retired Tour

Mr. Linky Reminder

Hey guys, just a quick mention that the Mr. Linky's at the bottom of a post are for LINKS TO YOUR REVIEWS. Not to sign up for the tour. None of them should have links, since we haven't sent any books out yet, but we will soon!

~Enna Isilee

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Bascially, we're a completely new organization

Hi, guys! Enna Isilee here. We've been getting a lot of e-mails. So here's an update on WHAT IN THE WORLD is going on with this site.

Imagine that 1 ARC Tours is a car. This car was pretty broken down. It has a lot of dents, and dings, and parts that are completely missing. But luckily this car has just come into some new owners! We're going to fix up the engine, slap on some new paint, and turn it into something that millionaires are jealous of!

Hee. I like analogies.

Anyway. Basically 1 ARC Tours is a completely new tour site.

Right now we are e-mailing people trying to find out where the books ended up. So again, if you have one of the tour books PLEASE let us know. We've only managed to locate 4 of the books so far.

When we locate the books we will RE-START the tour with brand new sign-ups. There's no need to say you want to be taken off it.

The books posted this week are MOST DEFINITELY available to join. And they're pretty good ones! These will be very closely monitored. There are rewards for sending out on time, and there will be punishments if you fail to obey the rules. YOU MUST FILL OUT THE NEW FORM TO PARTICIPATE IN TOURS AS OF 6-26-10

IN CONCLUSION: 1 ARC Tours is undergoing a transformation into a new tour site. The only problem is that we can't just brush off our old baggage. Please be patient with us. We're doing the best we can


The Pack by L.M. Preston


Shamira is considered an outcast by most, but little do they know that she is on a mission. Kids on Mars are disappearing, but Shamira decides to use the criminals most unlikely weapons against them the very kids of which they have captured. In order to succeed, she is forced to trust another, something she is afraid to do. However, Valens, her connection to the underworld of her enemy, proves to be a useful ally. Time is slipping, and so is her control on the power that resides within her. But in order to save her brother's life, she is willing to risk it all.

TOUR CANCELLED (Not Enough Interest)

New Rules & New Form

First of all, thanks to Enna Isilee for making the new layout!  Yay! :)

Second, Ennalee and I have kind of revamped the whole tour site.  There are some new rules that you need to pay attention to.

-->You still have one week to read the book.  However, when mailing the book you MUST buy delivery conformation.  You will post the DC number in the chat box that's in the sidebar. 

-->Reviews, unless otherwise stated to tour members, must be posted within one week of mailing the book.  There will be a Mister Linky on all new tours where you will post a link to your review.  Don't post a link that just goes to your blog's homepage, please make the link to the specific review.

I've also created a new form.  Everyone needs to fill this out, even if they filled out the old form.  This new form is to get rid of any members who haven't been participating, and to make sure everyone has read this post!  (AKA: The old form doesn't matter at all anymore, I won't be using it anymore - fill out this one!)  If you fill out this one, you will be added to the member's list.

TO CLARIFY: Where it says "Are you willing to donate any books?" This just means will you ever be willing to donate books. You don't have to donate any right now.
Thank you!

Hope &Ennalee.

Friday, June 25, 2010

What I Learned From Being a Cheerleader by Adrianne Ambrose

REMEMBER: Starting today, you must purchase DC for all tour books!


What I Learned From Being a Cheerleader is the diary of Elaine, a comic book loving geek who lands a spot on the cheerleading squad. Suddenly, she finds herself torn between her best friends and the chance to be popular. It's a humorous story with comic book text interwoven within the plot. It is intended for girls age 8 - 12, but also for grownup girls who remember the dark waters of middle school.\

Due out in July.  (Cover not yet released.)


What I learned from being a cheerleader
1. Betty (TN) Rec'd 7/19 MAILED 7/22 (4 Days Early) DC# 03093220000232789446
2. Jamie (LA) Rec'd 7/24 SENT 8/3 (3 days late) DC#0310 0480 0003 1431 8293
3. Crystal (NC) Rec'd 8/9 Mail by 8/16


Change of Heart by Shari Maurer

REMEMBER:  You must purchase DC for all books for tours now!


In a world where the most stressful thing seems to be winning a soccer game or what to wear in the morning, you take some really basic things for granted.
Like the love of your parents.
Or hanging with your friends.
Or the beating of your heart.
When you’re 16 years old, it never occurs to you that you might die. Emmi Miller’s got a fabulous life. She has tons of friends, does great in school and is an all-star soccer player who played in Europe last summer. It even looks like Sam Hunter, a totally cute baseball player, might be interested in her. And then she gets a virus. No biggy, right? Until the virus goes to her heart and weakens it so much that, without a transplant, Emmi will die.
Will Emmi get a heart in time?  Is Sam too good to be true?  What about her new friend Abe, who has also had a transplant and guides her through these scary times — is he just being supportive or is there more going on between them?  And will Emmi realize it before it’s too late?

Change of Heart
1. Jessica (OH) Rec'd 7/10 SENT 7/17 DC# 0310 0480 0001 8784 2185
2. Brandi (NC) Rec'd 7/21 MAILED 7/24 DC# 0310 0480 0002 4267 0968
3. Crystal (NC) Rec'd 7/26 SENT 7/28 DC# 9102 1480 0860 0002 2168 77
4. Jess (NC) Rec'd 7/28 MAILED 8/3. DC # 0310 1230 0001 3807 5659
5. Tiger (AL) Rec'd 8/6 SENT 8/10 (3 days early) DC# 03091830000035389390
6. Jamie (LA) Rec'd 8/13 Mailed 8/21 (1 day late) DC 0310 1230 0000 1312 1662
7. Valorie (CA) Rec'd 8/25 Kept.

Bad to the Bone: Memior of a Rebel Doggie Blogger by Bo Hoefinger

REMEMBER: Starting today, you must purchase DC for all tour books!


Let's get this clear right away: I'm a dog.

I'm 1'10" and weigh 63 pounds, and although I'm a mutt on the outside, I'm a purebred on the inside.  My good nature comes from the golden retriever side of the family, while my subbornness is clearly from my chow chow bloodlines.  I've got Rastafarian ears, a black tongue for licking, and paws that should be on a dog twice my size.  I type 60 words a minute.  My name is Bo, and this is my story.

From shelter-dog reject to beloved pet and popular doggie blogger, Bo Hoefinger's life has been anything but ordinary.

Join this incorrigible canine as he welcomes us into his life, complete with his wacky "parents," a constipated feline housemate, and chipmunk warfare, Bad to the Bone is an unforgettable, laugh out loud tale of love and loyalty that reveals the true heart of a modern American family.


Bad to the Bone
1. Amanda (MN) Rec'd 7/10 SENT 7/17 DC# 03093220000200853254
2. Betty (TN) Rec'd 7/22 Mail by 7/29
3. Readergirls (NY) Keeper.


Sapphique by Catherine Fisher (Sequel to Incarceron)

REMEMBER: Starting today, you must purchase DC for all tour books!


In this stunning sequel to the critically acclaimed Incarceron, seventeen year old Finn has escaped from the sentient prison only to find that things Outside are not at all what he expected.  Claudia, the daughter of the prison's warden, has declared Finn the lost heir to the throne.  But another claimant emerges, and soon, both Finn's and Claudia's very lives hang on Finn convincing the Court of something that even he doesn't fully believe.

Still trapped within Incarceron, Finn's friends Keiro and Attia hunt for the magical glove, which legend says Sapphique used to escape.  In order to find it, they must battle the prison itself.  Incarceron has built itself a body and it wants to go outside-just like Sapphique, the only prisoner Incarceron ever loved.

Due out in December from Dial.


1. Alyssa (CA) SENT 7/28 DC# 0309 2880 0001 0718 9806
2. Kathy (IN) Rec'd 8/2 Mail by 8/9
3. Melissa (IN)
4. Jessica (OH)

The Replacement by Brenna Yovanoff

REMEMBER: Starting today you must purchase DC for all tour books!


Mackie Doyle is the replacement.

Though he lives in the small town of Gentry, Mackie comes from a world of tunnels and black murky water, a world of living dead girls ruled by a little tattooed princess.  He is a Replacement - left in the crib of a human baby sixteen years ago.  Now, because of fatal allergies to iron, blood, and consecrated ground, Mackie is slowly dying in the human world.

Mackie would give anything to live among us, to practice on his bass or spend time with an oddly intriguing girl called Tate.  But when tate's baby sister goes missing, Mackie is drawn irrevocably into the underworld of Gentry, known as Mayhem.  He must face the dark creatures of the Slag Heaps and find his rightful place, in our world, or theirs.

Edward Scissorhands meets The Cather in the Rye in this wildly imaginative and frighteningly beautiful novel about an unusual boy and his search for a place to belong.

Out in September by Razorbill.

To Sign Up:

Comment with your name, e-mail address, and state.  If you don't leave all three things, you won't be added.

Sign ups CLOSED.

Sent 6/30. DC: 03100480000112792752

1. Alyssa (CA) Rec'd 7/7 MAILED 7/15 (warning) DC# 03082690000126067819
2. Enna (UT) Rec'd 7/20 SENT 7/26 DC# 03093220000059185858
3. Allison (AZ) Rec'd 7/29 SENT by 8/9 (4 days late) DC# 0306 1070 0005 2406 3717
4. Amanda (MN)
5. Tiger (AL) Rec'd 8/23, Mailed 8/27 (3 days early) DC# 03082690000144015199
6. Crystal (NC) Rec'd 8/30 Mailed 9/20 DC# 9102 1480 0860 0181 1107 44.
7. Jessica (OH)

RETIRED TOUR. Returned to hope.

God is in the Pancakes by Robin Epstein

REMEMBER: Starting today, you must purchase DC for all tour books!


With all the snappy dialogue and attitude of the movie Juno, this is an incredibly engaging, thought-provoking YA debut.

No one is more surprised than fifteen year old Grace Manning herself that she likes her job in the local nursing home.  But that has everything to do with her relationship with one of the residents, Mr. Sands, an ex-Marine with Lou Gehrig's disease.  He keeps up with Grace's witty banter, teachers her to play poker, allows her to give him a Mohawk, acts as a father figure... and one day, cheerfully asks her to help him die.

Grace tries to avoid the wrenching decision, first by praying for a miracle, and then by stuffing herself with pancakes.  Soon she's running away from all feelings, including the new ones she has for her best friend, Eric, who suddenly seems to have a lot of female admirers.  But Mr. Sands continues to get worse, and Grace knows this decision is too important to ignore...

Was out in May from Dial.


God is in the Pancakes
1. Jacob (TX) Rec'd 7/10 SENT 7/17 No dc, WARNING
2. Jamie (LA) Rec'd 7/21 SENT 7/29 DC: #0310 0480 0003 1432 6533
3. Betty (TN) Rec'd 8/2 SENT 8/9. DC# 03092880000227913589
4. Meggin (KY) Rec'd 8/12 Mailed 8/23 (4 days late) DC 0309 3220 0002 1605 3501
5. Crystal (NC) Rec'd 8/25 Sent 9/4 (3 days late) DC# 9102 1480 0860 0131 1020 03
6. Kaetlyn (MD) Mailed 9/17 DC # 0310 2010 0002 5253 2293
7. Melanie (NY) Rec't 9/20

RETURNED TO DONATOR 9/27 DC# 9102128882300347067443

Grace by Elizabeth Scott

REMEMBER: Starting today, you must purchase DC when you ship tour books out!


An unwilling terrorist.
A chilling near future.
One chance left.

Grace was raised to be an Angel, a herald of death by suicide bomb.  But she refuses to die for the cause, and now Grace is on the run, daring to dream of freedom.  In search of a border she may never reach, she travels among malevolent soldiers on a decrepit train crawling through the desert.  Accompanied by the mysterious Kerr, Grace struggles to be invisible, but the fear of discovery looms large as she recalls the history and events that delivered her uncertain fate.

Told in spare, powerful prose by acclaimed author Elizabeth Scott, this tale of a dystopian near future will haunt readers long after they've reached the final page.

Due out in September by Dutton.


1. Carina (Canada) Rec'd 7/13 SENT 7/20 Canada, no DC
2. Meggin (KY) SENT 8/14 Very late. Strike 1. Review Passed.
3. Crystal (NC) Rec'd 8/16 Mail by 8/23
4. Betty (TN)
5. Jacob (TX) Mailed 9/21 DC# 0310 0480 0002 5541 6836
6. Jessica (CA) Mailed DC# 9102150134711377256492


You Wish by Mandy Hubbard

REMEMBER: Starting today, you must purchase DC when you ship the books out! Then you must e-mail us the DC number!

One wish.
Two girls who love the same boy.
Sixteen days to stop the madness!

Kayla McHenry is having the worst sweet sixteenth! Just before she blows out her candles, she thinks: I wish all my birthday wishes actually come true.

The next day, Kayla wakes up to a life sized, bright pink My Little Pony outside her window. Then, a year's supply of gumballs arrives. An oddly plastic looking boy named Ken shows up in a convertible and starts following her around! Each day, another childhood wish comes true. But they MUST STOP.

Because when she was fifteen? She wished Ben Mackenzie would kiss her. And Ben is now her best friend's boyfriend.

Out in August from Razorbill.

To Sign Up:

Leave a comment your name, e-mail address, and state. If you don't include all three things, you won't be added to the tour!


TOUR CLOSEDSent 6/30. DC: 03100480000112792769

1. Alex (MI) Recieved (7/2). Mail by 7/9 SENT 7/7 DC# 0307 1790 0000 6884 9804
2. Kelly (WI) Rec'd 7/10 Mail by 7/17 SENT 7/13 (4 days early) DC# 0310 0480 0000 6684 2398
3. Amanda (MN) Rec'd 7/15 SENT 7/24 (2 days late, forgiven due to address confusion) DC# 0309 3220 0002 0085 7672
4. Jordan (MO) Rec'd 7/28 mail by 8/4
5. Betty (TN)
6. Crystal (NC)
7. Melanie (FL)
8. Valorie (CA)

Dust City by Robert Paul Weston

PLEASE READ BEFORE SIGNING UP: Starting with this tour, EVERYONE must purchase DC when sending out! When you purchase the DC and mail the book, you MUST e-mail us the DC number!
In a city as mean as this, even a big bad wolf should be afraid.

And Henry Whelp is that Big Bad Wolf. Or will be, someday. His dad is doing time for the double murder of Little Red Riding Hood and her grandmother and everyone assumes crime is in Henry's blood. For years, he's kept a low profile in a Home for Wayward Wolves, just on the outskirts of Dust City - a gritty metropolis known for a black market, mind altering dust that's got its entire population of foxes, ravens, and hominids hooked. But it's not just any dust the creatures of the underground are slinging, it's fairydust.

Then a murder at the Home forces Henry to seek the truth, and he begins to suspect his dad may have been framed. With a daring shewolf named Fiona by his side, Henry escapes into the dark alleyways and cavernous tunnels of Dust City. There, he'll come face to snout with legendary mobster Skinner and his Water Nixie henchmen to discover what really happened to his father in the woods that infamous night... ad the trugh about fairydust.

In Dust City, Robert Paul Weston uses his hauntingly beautiful prose to create a dark tale that is a startling parallel to our own uncertain time.

Out in November by Razorbill.

Dust City
1. Enna Isilee (UT) Rec'd 7/12 SENT 7/17 DC# 03101230000085771659
2. Alex (MI) Rec'd 7/20 SENT 7/29 (2 days late)
3. Jennifer (NC) REC'D 8/2, Mail by 8/10 (1 day late) DC# 0309 3220 0002 1396 9515
4. Laurie (NY) Rec'd 8/12 Mailed 8/23.


In all seriousness...

I REALLY need to know where the books are, guys. After I post this, I'm sending out a mass e-mail to everyone to make sure that everyone gets it.

These tours have been getting out of control. There's a one week limit, but people have been keeping books for months at a time. When Sara or I try to e-mail people, they just don't reply. It's just not working out very well anymore.

If you know you don't have time to read the books in a week, just e-mail us! We'll move you down on the list, or take you off the tour completely, but don't keep the book for weeks and weeks at a time when that's against the rules.

I'm starting to get frustrated, because I have authors e-mailing me because they don't know where the books are, or the reviews aren't up yet, and all these other things. When I try to communicate with the bloggers about this issue, I don't get responses! It's getting so frustrating!

So, please, if you have a book, either e-mail the tours, or post on this. I need to ESPECIALLY know where these books are: The Cinderella Society and The Witchy Worries of Abby Adams. Though if you have ANY of the tour books, I need to know.

Alsooo, in other news. I know come fall I won't be able to handle the tours. My classload is going to be extremely challenging, it's my senior year, and I'm going to be working up a storm. I don't want to go into senior year knowing all this, and still trying to take over the tours. If anyone wants to help Sarah, please e-mail us. I don't want to leave her all alone to run them! Thanks!