Thursday, November 19, 2009

Troy High by Shana Norris


Homer’s Iliad, the classic tale of love and revenge, is shrewdly retold for teens in Troy High.

Narrated by Cassie, a shy outsider who fears that an epic high school rivalry is about to go up in flames, the story follows the Trojans and Spartans as they declare war on the football field. After the beautiful Elena—who used to be the captain of the Spartan cheerleaders—transfers to Troy High and falls madly in love with Cassie’s brother Perry, the Spartans vow that the annual homecoming game will never be forgotten.

The Trojans and Spartans pull wicked pranks on each other as homecoming approaches. And the Spartans’ wildcard football star, Ackley, promises to take down the Trojans’ offensive line. But the stakes are raised when Cassie is forced to choose between the boy she loves (a Spartan) and loyalty to her family and school. Troy High will seduce readers with its incendiary cast of mythic proportions.

Here's the tour list for this tour. Let me know if any changes need to be made by November 21st.

1. Hope
2. Kristin
3. Mariah
4. Jordan
5. Melissa
6. Jill
7. Kate
8. Allison
9. Kath
10. Jessica
11. McKenzie
12. Sandy
13. Andrea
14. Samantha
15. Sarah
16. Lizzy
17. Stephanie
18. The Brain Lair
19. SarahChristine
20. Crystal
21. Haley
22. Holly


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Kristin Miller said...

Sounds interesting. I'd like to see the Iliad redone well.


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Mariah said...

I really enjoyed the Iliad so I think it would be great to read a retelling!

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~JoRdAn~ said...

Can't wait to read this one!

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Melissa said...

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Jill said...

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Allison said...

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Kath said...

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Jessica said...

I've never read the Lliad but I've always been entrigued by this book.

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The Book Owl said...

Count me in. I love mythology.

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pirate penguin said...

I love mythology too!

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Samantha LeAnne said...

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Sarahbear9789 said...

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Lizzy said...

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stephanie said...

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SarahChristine said...

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