Monday, October 18, 2010

Updated Tours

Hello everybody!

I have gone through and updated the tours (something I REALLY needed to do!). So here's news on our active tours, retired tours, and lost books.


Guys! We only have 10 tours going right now! That's pitiful. This site is driven by your donations! If you have an ARC lying around PLEASE consider donating it! PLEASE!


I've gone through and marked all of the tours that are finished. Yup. This section is simple.


We have EIGHT books missing! I know where some of these are, but if you have one of these PLEASE let me know! I believe I have contacted everyone who has these, but have gotten very few responses. If you have one of these PLEASE LET ME KNOW. If we work together to get them out quick, you won't be penalized. Please hurry! Here are the books we're looking for:

Kiss Me Deadly
BOTH of our copies of this book have been lost. I know who has them. If you are one of the people, please contact me so that you can get these back on track.

Forget Her Nots
I have contacted the person who has this. It will hopefully be mailed out soon.

This book apparently never arrived at its last tour participant. The author would like it back, so if you have it PLEASE let me know!

This Gorgeous Game
This book still has half its tour to go. Let's get it moving!

Confessions of the Sullivan Sisters
This went to hope, who I haven't heard from in months. Dunno if we'll get it back.

The Deadly Sister
This may have been mailed out without the sender giving me DC. If you have it, please let me know!

This book vanished. Help anyone?

You Wish
I have contacted the person who has this. It will hopefully be mailed out soon.

Despite all the hard work running this site takes, I really enjoy it. HOWEVER it can't run without your help! Please be sure to e-mail me for next address IMMEDIATELY after you recieve the book. And mail on time. And DONATE ARCs! We can't run without them.

Thanks guys!

~Enna Isilee

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