Saturday, August 1, 2009

Ballads of Suburbia by Stephanie Keuhnert

Kara hasn't been back to Oak Park since the end of junior year, when a heroin overdose nearly killed her and sirens heralded her exit. Four years later, she returns to face the music. Her life changed forever back in high school: her family disintegrated, she ran around with a whole new crowd of friends, she partied a little too hard, and she fell in love with gorgeous bad-boy Adrian, who left her to die that day in Scoville Park....
Amid the music, the booze, the drugs, and the drama, her friends filled a notebook with heartbreakingly honest confessions of the moments that defined and shattered their young lives. Now, finally, Kara is ready to write her own.
Here's the tour list for Ballads. If you're on and need to be taken off, comment. If you want to be added, comment. No changes will be made after 6PM EST TODAY.

1.) Harmony
2.) Shayla
3.) Erica
4.) Kate
5.) Kristen
6.) Lizzy
7.) WillowRaven
8.) Melanie
9.) Jess
10.) Purpl8r
11.) Sara
12.) Lilibeth
13.) Hope
14.) Sarah
15.) Sandy
16.) Irish
17.) YA Book Realm
18.) Genevieve
19.) Eli
20.) Cindy


ReggieWrites said...

I've been dying to read this book!
Count me in!

Reggie :-)

The Book Explorer said...

I have been wanting to read this for ages!

Count me in please~


Erica said...

Please count me in! This book sounds amazing!

:) Erica

Kate said...

I have been wanting to read this for a long time. Count me in!


Kristen said...

So want in!


Lizzy said...

Count me in! This book looks amazing!

WilowRaven said...

Ooo Ooo - me too :)

Can't wait to read this one.

Melanie said...
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Melanie said...

In the last comment I forgot to put my email. I definitely want in!

Lost in a Book said...

This book looks so great! I'd love to be in on it!


Anonymous said...


nickiheart16 [@] aim [.] com

Sara said...

I would love to be included! :)

Lilibeth Ramos said...

So want to read this, definitely wish to be included!

Hope. said...
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Hope. said...

I'm in for this one too.=)



Sarahbear9789 said...

I am in.

pirate penguin said...



Irish said...

If you still need some peeps for this I'd love to take part.


YA Book Realm said...

I would LOVE to be part of this tour!!

Genevieve said...

Please put me on the list for this tour! I've heard good things about this book.


purplg8r said...

Another book I'd love to read!

purplg8r at aol dot come

Anonymous said...

never mind, you can count me out of this one. XD i just got my own copy. :]

~ nicki

Eli said...

I would love to be counted in!

Cindy said...

Sign me up for this tour too! yay!

Erica said...

Am I too late to be taken off? :P I received my own copy. And sorry I didn't post earlier I've been gone for hours and hours...

Kristen said...

You can take me off - I just ordered the book from Borders. :)

Kelsey said...

Is it too late to be added?


Keturcullen1340 said...

enter me Please
Keturah (MS)

Keturcullen1340 said...

enter me Please
Keturah (MS)