Thursday, July 16, 2009

Beautiful Tour List

Here is the order for both Beautiful Tours. I'm posting it here before emailing the checklist because I want to make sure I have everyone who was interested since it got confusing with people sending emails, leaving comments, and everything else.

Tour 1
1. Harmony
2. Shayla
3. Sharon
4. Lauren (Crammed Bookshelf)
5. Carol
6. Shalonda
7. Hillary
8. Cindy
9. Kristen
10. Kerleisha
11. Tashiana
12. Nicole

Tour 2
1. Shelly
2. Lizzie
3. Lisette
4. Yan
5. Tirzah
6. Crystal
7. Erica
8. Lauren (Shooting Stars)
9. Diane
10. Genevieve
11. Andrea

If you emailed or left a comment to sign up but you don't see your name on the list, let me know. Or, if you are on the list but don't think you signed up, let me know too.

Thanks for being patient while I get everything set up!


Hope. said...

I was signed up for this one, but don't see my name up there. Unless I'm missing it. =)

Cindy said...

Same here. i was signed up too, but name isnt there