Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Duplikate Tour List

I just wanted to post this here to make sure that I have everyone who signed up on it since emails were sent about it too. If you signed up but you're not on the list, let me know, and if you're on the list but didn't sign up, let me know too. Thanks!

1.) Harmony - book review
2.) Andrea - book review
3.) Carrie
4.) Tashi
5.) Mitzy
6.) Genevieve
7.) Melanie
8.) C. Bookworm
9.) Kristen
10.) Lizzy
11.) Mariah
12.) Katie
13.) Mark

(I'll be sending out the Beautiful Tour checklists soon!)


Katie said...

Please take my name off the list. Thanks!

Erica said...

Umm.. Is it too late to sign up? I could've swore I posted a comment on the DupliKate post but it's not there...

Anonymous said...

Erica, I'll add you :)

Erica said...

Thanks so much :)

Cindy said...

Same here. Is it too late? thought i was signed up for this too!