Friday, June 25, 2010

In all seriousness...

I REALLY need to know where the books are, guys. After I post this, I'm sending out a mass e-mail to everyone to make sure that everyone gets it.

These tours have been getting out of control. There's a one week limit, but people have been keeping books for months at a time. When Sara or I try to e-mail people, they just don't reply. It's just not working out very well anymore.

If you know you don't have time to read the books in a week, just e-mail us! We'll move you down on the list, or take you off the tour completely, but don't keep the book for weeks and weeks at a time when that's against the rules.

I'm starting to get frustrated, because I have authors e-mailing me because they don't know where the books are, or the reviews aren't up yet, and all these other things. When I try to communicate with the bloggers about this issue, I don't get responses! It's getting so frustrating!

So, please, if you have a book, either e-mail the tours, or post on this. I need to ESPECIALLY know where these books are: The Cinderella Society and The Witchy Worries of Abby Adams. Though if you have ANY of the tour books, I need to know.

Alsooo, in other news. I know come fall I won't be able to handle the tours. My classload is going to be extremely challenging, it's my senior year, and I'm going to be working up a storm. I don't want to go into senior year knowing all this, and still trying to take over the tours. If anyone wants to help Sarah, please e-mail us. I don't want to leave her all alone to run them! Thanks!



Enna Isilee said...

Just sent you an e-mail @

Let me know! I'd love to help.

Melanie said...

I currently have Circle of Friends Book Five: Heather, which I've read and am hoping to send out on Monday. I also have The Kindling of Greenfryr which I'm hoping to read this weekend.

ladystorm said...

I have Forget Her Nots that I am reading.

BookChic said...

Have you been able to find out where my copy of The Reckoning went? I put it up for the tour but haven't heard or seen anybody that's gotten it past the first person. Email me to let me know- thanks!

The Book Owl said...

I have the Snipesville Chronicles Books at the moment.