Saturday, June 26, 2010

New Rules & New Form

First of all, thanks to Enna Isilee for making the new layout!  Yay! :)

Second, Ennalee and I have kind of revamped the whole tour site.  There are some new rules that you need to pay attention to.

-->You still have one week to read the book.  However, when mailing the book you MUST buy delivery conformation.  You will post the DC number in the chat box that's in the sidebar. 

-->Reviews, unless otherwise stated to tour members, must be posted within one week of mailing the book.  There will be a Mister Linky on all new tours where you will post a link to your review.  Don't post a link that just goes to your blog's homepage, please make the link to the specific review.

I've also created a new form.  Everyone needs to fill this out, even if they filled out the old form.  This new form is to get rid of any members who haven't been participating, and to make sure everyone has read this post!  (AKA: The old form doesn't matter at all anymore, I won't be using it anymore - fill out this one!)  If you fill out this one, you will be added to the member's list.

TO CLARIFY: Where it says "Are you willing to donate any books?" This just means will you ever be willing to donate books. You don't have to donate any right now.
Thank you!

Hope &Ennalee.

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