Monday, February 8, 2010

Must Be Nice by Anthony Federico

In colleges across the country, 97% of 'next-morning' stories are exaggerated and embellished. In the mind's eye of the teller, the average is replaced by the astounding. Co-eds become sultrier, beers are chugged faster and epic nights stretch on infinitely. It is this subtle extra, this slight enhancement of every vivid detail, which gives the topic “College” its brilliant cache as it recedes gently into one's memory bank under the category “Glory Days.” This is one of those stories.

A glorious season of spring softball provides the setting for Must Be Nice. Kev and his closest friends are second-semester college seniors, poised on the threshold of graduation and the unfamiliar world beyond. Line drives and double plays are blurred together with cheap liquor and final exams as college comes to its inevitable and unforgettable end. Set against a backdrop of wild parties, lazy afternoons and beer league softball, Kev must come to grips with the end of his untroubled collegiate reality and flash forward to the impending newness of “real life.”
Here's the list for this tour. Let me know if any changes need to be made by February 10th.

1. Collegiate Bookworm
2. Amber
3. TeenReadersGather
4. Crystal
5. Hayley
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7. Kate
8. Debbie


Collegiate Bookworm said...
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Collegiate Bookworm said...

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Jennifer said...

I'm interested.

I live in Canada, and will ship internationally.
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I'm in!

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teenreadersgather said...

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Crystal said...

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Love to participate. I'm in Utah and can't ship to Canada this time.